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    General Information  General Information
    Credit - A credit is used to describe two semesters of work.  A year long class counts for 1 hour of credit.
    Prerequisite - A prerequisite is a subject required before a student can take other classes.
    Class Requirements -  All students are required to enroll in the following:
        Grade 9 -   English Composition, English Literature, Physical Science, Math, World History,
                             Geography, Computer Applications, Web Design, PE and Health
       Grade 10 -  Speech, Composition, Biology, Math, and American History
       Grade 11 -  American Literature, Advanced Composition, Math, and Chemistry or Physics 
       Grade 12 -  English Options: 1.  British Lit. & Senior Writing   2.  AP English or 3. College English,                          
                             Personal Finance or Economics, Government and Senior Project
    The purpose of a high school education is to aid a student in developing his/her interests, abilities, skills, personality, habits, attitudes, thought processes, health, and knowledge of our democratic form of government and its operation. Such an education will allow the student to take his/her place in any community as a happy, well adjusted, and useful citizen. A student must be enrolled in a minimum of 7 classes per semester. Special circumstances with administrative approval may alter this policy.
    Repeating Courses - Students will only be allowed to take a course/semester twice in an effort to earn credit unless enrolling in the course through Connections Academy.
    SD Public Institution Admissions The six Regental institutions have a common set of course admission requirements for those students seeking to be admitted as an associates or bachelors’ degree seeking student. These 6 course requirements must be met in addition to meeting at least one of the following criteria which include: 1) rank in the top 60 percent of their high school graduating class; obtain an ACT composite score of 18 (SAT-I score of 870) or above (21 or higher at SDSMT and USD); or 3) obtain a high school GPA of at least 2.6 on a 4.0 scale.
    Opportunity Scholarship Students entering high school for the first time prior to July 2010 must have the necessary coursework in 8 of the content areas. Those entering high school after July 2010 may have the option of completing two units of modern/classical language, career and technical education, or a combination of the two. Health/Health Integration will also be required for those attending for the first time after July 2013.
    Regents’ Scholar Diploma - South Dakota high school graduates with the required coursework in seven designated areas (and an average grade of "B" or 3.0 on a 4.0 scale) shall be designated as Regents Scholars and may be eligible to receive a Regents’ Scholar Diploma upon request by a high school administrator to the Board of Regents. High school graduates designated as Regents’ Scholars automatically are admitted to all six public universities.
    **For more information about any of the above requirements visit the Board of Regents at:

    16 Career Clusters

    Page 1 - Ag, Food & Natural ResourcesArchitecture & ConstructionArts,
                   A/V Tech & CommunicationsBusiness Management & Administration
    Page 2 -  Education & TrainingFinanceGovernment & Public AdministrationHealth Science
    Page 3 -  Hospitality & TourismHuman ServicesInformation TechnologyLaw, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
    Page 4 - ManufacturingMarketingScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
                   Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

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