Frontier Elementary

2700 w lancaster
  • Dear Frontier Families,

    Nine very short months ago, 96 amazing young people entered the front doors of Frontier Elementary, ready for the start of the 2017-2018 school year. I am so proud of the achievements and accomplishments of the students from Frontier. Their successes have been made possible with your support and through the dedication of staff who work tirelessly to provide opportunities for our young people to grow and learn.

    I want to express my sincere gratitude to the incredible staff at Frontier. Along with the students who make me smile every day, the staff have made my first year at Frontier a truly remarkable experience. I am so blessed that each and every one of them have been placed in this path on my journey. I will dearly miss the staff members who will be off on new adventures next year, and am excited to meet all of the new people who will join the Frontier Family next year.

    Speaking of new adventures, the staff and I all wish the 4th graders the very best as they journey to the middle school next year – may they continue to find success in every experience that comes their way.

    We are looking forward to some exciting changes at Frontier next year. Two new staff members will join us as reading and math integrationists. These teaching specialists will support the classroom teachers during math and reading time, providing enhanced opportunities for our students to strengthen their math and reading skills.

    I am excited for you to meet all of the new staff members who will be joining us next year:

    • Sara Kindrick, Kindergarten
    • Ally Hemmer, Second Grade
    • Angie Olsen, Reading Integrationist
    • Heather Mulder, Math Integrationist
    • Mackenzie Schultz, Special Education
    • Miranda Theesen, Special Education
    • Eric Thien, Physical Education

     As we plan for 2018-2019, please mark your calendars for these important dates:

    • August 14 – District Registration Day
    • August 15 (5:30) – Kindergarten Information Night for all Kindergarten families
    • August 20 (12:00-8:00) – Student Prep Day; Come, meet your teacher, and see your child’s classroom.
    • August 22 – FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL

     Have a safe and wonderful summer break! I look forward to welcoming everyone back next year and meeting the new students and staff for what is sure to be another exciting year!  


    Barb Hansen
    Frontier Elementary principal

  •     Frontier Elementary
        2700  W Lancaster
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