• Course Information
    Here's some information about each of the classes I teach.
    English III: Advanced Composition
    Grade Level: 11

    Prerequisites: Junior standing and completion of English I & II

    Length: One semester

    Credit: ½ credit

    Description: English III – Advanced Composition will focus on the proper use of mechanics in writing and the further development of rhetorical skills.  Students will write a variety of short essays, including those in the genres of narration, exposition, and research, with a special emphasis placed on expository essays common in standardized tests.
    English IV: British Literature
    Grade Level: 12

    Prerequisites: Senior standing and completion of English I, II, and III

    Length: One semester

    Credit: ½ credit

    Description: This course will survey British literature from ancient to modern times, exploring the origin and evolution of the English language along the way.  Lessons will also include the study of literary elements, vocabulary, writing, and grammar.  

    Yearbook Publications (elective)

    Grade Level: 10-12

    Prerequisites: Sophomore standing

    Length: Two semesters

    Credit: 1 credit

    Description: Yearbook class will be responsible for creating the school’s annual yearbook publications.  Students will review and apply the principles of reporting and photography with special emphasis placed on graphic design as it applies to publishing a comprehensive, integrated yearbook.  The ability to work with others, pay attention to detail, and work on assignments outside of school hours is recommended, as many assignments will require one or all of these.