• Frequently Asked Questions:


    How do I join TAPTO? 

    There is no process for joining TAPTO.  Just show up for a meeting or let us know you’re interested in helping, and you’ll be part of TAPTO.  Even better, attend a meeting and bring a friend! 


    How do I know when the meetings are?  And how long are the meetings?

    The next TAPTO meeting will be posted in the monthly newsletter or on Facebook.  The meetings usually last about an hour, but you are free to come late or leave early if necessary.  


    I’m busy with kids, a full-time job, and activities!  How much time will I have to commit to TAPTO? 

    It’s simple:  you can commit as much or as little time as you want.  The organization is made up of parents just like you:   busy with kids, work, and activities!  Even if you can only volunteer once or twice a year, that is a big help!


    Why should I volunteer with TAPTO?

    Volunteer with TAPTO so you can be more involved with and support your child’s education.  You will get to meet other parents with similar goals for their children. 

    “On average, the achievement scores of children with highly-involved parents were higher than children with less-involved parents.”  ~ The Harvard Family Research Project 

    Here are the Top Five reasons to get involved:

    1.       Higher Grades:  Kids whose parents are involved in their education get better grades and have higher test scores.

    2.       Better Behavior:  Kids develop better social skills and show improved behavior when their parents are involved at school.

    3.       Improved Education:  Research shows that parent involvement can help improve the quality of schools, raise teacher morale, and improve a school’s reputation in the community.

    4.       Increased Confidence:  When students feel supported at home and school, they develop more positive attitudes about school, have more self-confidence, and place a higher priority on academic achievement. 

    5.       Half-off Titan Wear!:  Volunteer to help at an event and receive a coupon for 50%-off any Titan wear item that TAPTO sells (excluding personalized jerseys). 


    I don’t have any special talents.  What can I do to make a difference?

    You don’t need any special talents to volunteer – only a willingness to give of your time.  There is no maximum commitment.  You choose the projects that interest you and devote as much time as you can.


    What sort of things does TAPTO do? 

    • A few years ago, TAPTO gave $18,000 to the district to fund the INTERWRITE®BOARD project so that all classrooms now have an interactive learning board for students and teachers.
    • TAPTO sponsors the following events:  Back to School Walk, Titan Wear sales, Pizza Bingo, School Carnival, Parent-Teacher Conference Meals for teachers, Teacher Appreciation Week, Movie nights
    • TAPTO collects, counts, bundles, and submits Box Tops for Education to raise money for the Tea Area schools.  TAPTO submitted $7117.50 worth of Box Tops in the 2012-13 school year!  Box Tops  
    • TAPTO also held a Cookie fundraiser in the Fall of 2013 and raised >$31,000 to be reinvested in our schools!  
    • TAPTO collects Labels for Education to “Earn Free Stuff” for our schools and classrooms.  In the 2012-13 school year, we collected 21,000 points!  Labels
    • TAPTO donated $15,000 in 2012 to purchase new playground equipment for the Intermediate School and the Elementary School.
    • TAPTO donated $10,000 to both Tea Area Frontier Elementary and Tea Area Legacy Elementary schools to purchase playground equipment in 2014-15. 
    • Every year, TAPTO supports Junior Achievement by paying a portion of the yearly dues for volunteers to come into the classrooms for 2nd grade and up.
    • TAPTO pays the registration for two high school students to attend the HOBY project.
    • TAPTO funds a portion of Artists in Residence to come into our schools.
    • TAPTO also supports the Backpack Program, the STEM program, and Math Night


    Who can I contact with questions about TAPTO? 

    Please email us at Tea.TAPTO@gmail.com or message us via our Facebook page (Tea Area Parent Teacher Organization).   FB