Due Date: Monday, October 17, 2016


    Fictional Book: In almost all fictional books there is a problem/solution or a character does something noteworthy. This is part of the assignment - creating an award for something outstanding the character did.

    *Did they save the day?

    *Did they help someone?

    *Did they overcome something?

    Award: Create an award that would describe something your character did. Where they #1 at something? Are they the World's Best ________? Make your award out of paper, create a ribbon, use fabric, and make sure you have a description of why they deserve the award.

    Character Puppet: Assemble materials to create a puppet of your main character. You may use fabric, felt, paper, or what ever you may choose to make the puppet. Make sure the puppet resembles the main character the way you visualize them or how they look in the pictures. Attach your puppet to a popsicle stick or paint stick.

    Speech: You will be asked to prepare a speech describing your award and an acceptance speech from your character. What would they say if they received the award? Would they be nervous, excited, confused, etc? Your speech should sound like something your character would say and act like. puppet examples Henry Huggins
    Flat Stanley
    An example of a speech for Flat Stanley:
    I have learned that being flat isn't always easy but sometimes there are advatages with being different.  I am accepting this "Kind Hero" award for saving my mom's favorite ring that fell through the bars of the grate on the street.  While I was looking underground, two police men made fun of my mom and called her cocoo.  After the policeman saw my mom pull me up with her ring they apologized for being rude and making fun of her.  My mom and I are glad that we were taught an important lesson...think twice before speaking and treat others they way you want to be treated.
    An example of a speck for Henry Huggins:
    Thank you for giving me this award. It hasn't been easy being the youngest newspaper salesmen.  I have had some obstacles on the way.  My dog Ribsy got in a fight with another dog named Ranger.  I've also had some troubles with my neighbor Ramona.  That's my friends little sister.  Thank you again for this award.