Middle School

  • Welcome to Tea Area Middle School for the 2018-2019 school year.  We are excited for another school year and look forward seeing everyone at District Registration on August 14th and at our Middle School Success Days on August 16th for grades 7 & 8 and on August 20th for grades 5 & 6.  Listed below are the times of the events taking place both days.

    AUGUST 16
    Grade 7 & 8: Open House and Parent Meetings 4:30-8:00
      Open House will run from 4:30-8:00
         •  7th Grade Parent meeting at 5:00 in the gym
         •  8th Grade Parent meeting at 6:30 in the gym
         •  HS Credit Opportunities classes

    AUGUST 20
    Grade 5: 1:1 Conferences with teachers  12:00-8:00
      15 minute conferences with student’s homeroom teacher

    Grade 6: Orientation and Parent Meetings 4:30-8:00
         •  2 groups: A-K & L-Z
    Rotations times are: A-K from 5:00-6:00 & L-Z from 6:30-7:30
         •  Meet teachers and Q & A
         •  Discussion with Principals

    New Middle School Staff
    I would also like to welcome several new staff members to the Middle School for the upcoming school year.  In 5th Grade we have Eric Thien-5th PE.  In 6th Grade we have Alyssa Gilbertson-6th English, Matt Brue-6th Technology/PLTW, Devon Foresman-6th PE and PLTW.  In 7th Grade we have Abby Munkvold-7th English and Taylor Mugge-7th PLTW.  In 8th Grade we have Monae Williams-8th English and Alyssa Linn-8th Science.  Please help me in welcoming them to the Titan family this year.

    Our district mission is to educate and empower each student for success in global society. That mission is accomplished through our four goals:

           •  Goal 1: All Students at Tea Area are future Titan Graduates
    Goal 2: Future Titan Graduates are articulate, fluent, and analytical readers at or above grade level who are ready to apply skills in the real world.
    Goal 3: Future Titan Graduates can apply mathematics and scientific thinking in real life situations through effective communication and collaboration at or above grade level.
    Goal 4: Future Titan Graduates are civic leaders engaged in the community through action and service.