Thank you for your interest in the Tea Area School District.
Applicants pursuing employment with TASD must complete the online
application process.
To view employment opportunities or to begin your online application 
please click here

No paper materials accepted.

Advantages of our online application process:                                                                 
•Applicants have the ability to control position application data, including the ability to
 update data whenever necessary (24/7/365).
•Applicants have the ability to select the position(s) for which they are interested in with 
 the click of a button. Applicant information will automatically be forwarded to the person in
 charge of selecting candidates for interview.

•Status notification of applicant’s application via email.
  -The online application process is email driven. If applicants should change their email
    address, it must be updated within the online application or email notifications will not
    be recieved from the TASD HR Office.
  -If applicants do not have an email address, they can still apply for position openings, but
   will not receive email notifications from the TASD HR Office.
Classified Staff, PDC, Substitute Teachers and Student Teachers do not use the link below.  You must go through the full application process above. 
{ internal transfer applicants please click here }
Last Modified on February 19, 2014