High School Headlines

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Collin Knudson
Tea Area High School Principal


We look forward to forming a partnership at Tea Area High School!  Our mission is to educate and empower each student for success in global society.  Student safety and achievement is paramount.

A set of District goals sets the focus for Tea Area High School:

·         Goal 1: All Students at Tea Area are future Titan Graduates

·         Goal 2: Future Titan Graduates are articulate, fluent, and analytical readers at or above grade level who are ready to apply skills in the real world.

·         Goal 3: Future Titan Graduates can apply mathematics and scientific thinking in real life situations through effective communication and collaboration at or above grade level.

·         Goal 4: Future Titan Graduates are civic leaders engaged in the community through action and service.


Each department will focus on these goals and strive towards 100% graduation rate.


Tea Area High School offers a wide array of rigorous course offerings to meet the need of each student’s personal learning plan.  Along with a strong set of core subject courses, the high school contains rigorous CTE courses, fine arts and elective courses.  We offer multiple Dual Credit courses, AP courses and CTE Academy offerings.  The high school is part of the SILDL, which provides in-house college courses through Mount Marty at a highly reduced rate as well as individualized online high school level courses.  Our Connections Academy provides an alternative setting for students who need individualized instruction.  There is an opportunity/pathway for every student in the high school.